New Hamburg Huskies Winter Classic - Jan 2023 - Tournament Rules (New Hamburg Hockey Association)

PrintNew Hamburg Huskies Winter Classic - Jan 2023 - Tournament Rules

New Hamburg Winter Classic 2023

Tournament Rules


  1. All OMHA rules of play apply.
  2.  The tournament committee reserves the right to make all decisions regarding tournament rules regulations or protests. All such decisions are final.
  3.  Teams must register 1hr prior to their first game
  4.  All referee decisions are final. No decision will be overturned by the tournament committee.
  5.  Teams must be ready to play up to 15 min prior to scheduled game time
  6.  3-minute pre-game warm-up to begin when referees enter the ice.
  7.  All teams shake hands after the game
  8.  All games will be 10-10-10 stop time periods for all divisions.
  9. Top two teams in each division move on. If teams are tied prior to playoff, 1st tie breaker is head-to-head. 2nd GF(GF/GA)
  10.  The clock will switch to Run Time after a 5-goal differential in the 3rd period only. Stop time can resume if the differential is reduced to 3 goals. All penalties in Run Time will be 1.5 times the assessed infraction.
  11.  OVERTIME: Any games tied after regulation.
    a. Teams will play a 5 min run time in a 3 on 3 sudden victory format. No changes can be made during a stoppage in play.
    b. Penalties will continue into the overtime and result in a man advantage (4 on 3). Teams will reduce to 3 on 3 again at the first available stoppage after a penalty has expired.
    c. If still tied after 3 on 3 period, a Shoot-out will occur with players shooting simultaneously. 3 shooters per team will shoot and any required shooters past the original 3 will be sudden victory. No player shall shoot more than once until the entire
    roster has shot.
  12.  DISCIPLINE: This tournament is meant to be a fun way to start the 2 nd half of the year.
    a. Any player ejected from the game for any reason, shall remain in the teams dressing room for the duration of the game.
    b. Any Player/Team Official/Parent/Fan found to be making a travesty of the game, will be expelled from the tournament and instructed to leave the premises
    c. Any Player/Team Official found to be abusive toward any Tournament official, Timekeeper or referee will be expelled from further tournament participation and may be asked to leave the premises.

    The Tournament Committee requests all team officials help keep the dressing rooms tidy.
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