NHHA Affilated Player Policy (New Hamburg Hockey Association)

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  1. The coach/manager must complete the proper Ontario Minor Hockey Association Player Affiliation form, which is available on the NHHA website coaches tab or the NHHA Office.
  2. The 'A' and 'AE' Offer of Affiliation 2014/15 (AP) form must be completed in full, in black ink and returned to the NHHA Office at the end of try-outs.
  3. The form will then be scanned and added to the HCR Registry.
  4. The AP player will then be added to the roster of the team they are AP'd to.
  5. Players may be on only AP'd to one team roster (players cannot be AP’d to 2 teams)
  6. 'A' players may not AP to an 'AE' team
  • AP forms must be submitted at the end of tryouts with your regular roster- when you get your roster back your AP's will be listed on it - NO AP players may participate in games until the coach has official roster with AP's
  • Minimum of 2 Defense, 3 Forwards and a Goalie must be listed.
  • A Coach may bring an AP player up to a game or practice if it does not interfere with the player's Local League or AE Team practice or game.
  • Eligible AP players may only play a maximum of 10 league or OMHA Playdown or Playoff games (exhibition and tournament games do not count) - see Policy Hockey Canada Affiliation Player Policy under Coaches tab, coaches resources. NHHA Executive expects fair distribution of AP opportunities.
Coaches who wish to use AP players must follow the following procedures: 
        1. Contact the Head Coach of the lower level team and obtain permission to contact the desired player. 
        2. Contact the Player's parents and obtain their permission. (Protocol of who makes calls etc to be determined by coaches of teams involved)

Allowing Affiliated Players to Play 

        · Coaches are asked to release players to the team that has AP'd them if it does not interfere with their own team's schedule (practices and/or games). 

        · The coach of the affiliated player is not to impose any other conditions or otherwise influence players from playing up.
        · Any dispute among the coaches regarding the application of the AP rules will be referred to the executive.
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