Schedule & Results, New Hamburg Optimist Local League Tournament, 2018-2019 (New Hamburg Hockey Association)

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Saturday, April 6, 2019
PrelimN17:00 AMOPT New Hamburg LL3 2-4New Hamburg LL2
PrelimP17:30 AMSCH Minto 5-0New Hamburg LL1
PrelimN28:00 AMOPT Langton 1-7Paris
PrelimP28:30 AMSCH BCH Ice Dogs1-8New Hamburg LL2
PrelimN39:00 AMOPT Strathroy Blue 0-6New Hamburg LL1
PrelimP39:30 AMSCH Mooretown Terrors5-1New Hamburg LL3
PrelimN410:00 AMOPT Waterford 0-2Strathroy Red
PrelimP410:30 AMSCH Lefroy 9-1Waterford
PrelimNB111:00 AMOPT Langton 0-7New Hamburg LL3
PrelimPB111:30 AMSCH BCH Ice Dogs0-6New Hamburg LL1
PrelimNA112:00 PMOPT Paris 2-9New Hamburg LL2
PrelimPA112:30 PMSCH New Hamburg LL2 2-1Minto
PrelimNB21:00 PMOPT Waterford 3-4Strathroy Blue
PrelimPB21:30 PMSCH Waterford 0-1New Hamburg LL3
PrelimNA22:00 PMOPT Strathroy Red 0-4New Hamburg LL1
PrelimPA22:30 PMSCH Lefroy 6-1Mooretown Terrors
PrelimB Champ3:00 PMOPT Strathroy Blue 1-5New Hamburg LL3
PrelimB Champ3:30 PMSCH New Hamburg LL3 1-6New Hamburg LL1
PrelimA Champ4:30 PMOPT New Hamburg LL1 0-3New Hamburg LL2
PrelimA Champ5:00 PMSCH Lefroy 5-1New Hamburg LL2
Sunday, April 7, 2019
PrelimA17:00 AMOPT Tavistock 1-5New Hamburg LL3
PrelimB17:30 AMSCH New Hamburg LL3 2-1New Hamburg LL2
PrelimA28:00 AMOPT Burford 6-2New Hamburg LL1
PrelimB28:30 AMSCH Mount Forest 4-2New Hamburg LL1
PrelimA39:00 AMOPT Woolwich LL3 3-2New Hamburg LL2
PrelimB39:30 AMSCH Collingwood 2-9New Hamburg LL2
PrelimA410:00 AMOPT Strathroy 5-1New Hamburg LL4
PrelimB410:30 AMSCH Otonebee Wolves3-1New Hamburg LL1
PrelimAB111:00 AMOPT New Hamburg LL1 7-0Tavistock
PrelimB511:30 AMSCH Collingwood 1-4New Hamburg LL3
PrelimAA112:00 PMOPT Burford 9-3New Hamburg LL3
PrelimB612:30 PMSCH Otonebee Wolves6-2Mount Forest
PrelimAB21:00 PMOPT New Hamburg LL4 2-3New Hamburg LL2
PrelimAA22:00 PMOPT Strathroy 1-3Woolwich LL3
Prelimc Champs2:00 PMSCH New Hamburg LL1 1-3Collingwood
PrelimB Champ3:00 PMOPT New Hamburg LL1 3-2New Hamburg LL2
PrelimB Champs3:15 PMSCH Mount Forest 3-6New Hamburg LL2
PrelimA Champ4:30 PMOPT Woolwich LL3 2-5Burford
PrelimA Champs4:30 PMSCH Otonebee Wolves3-0New Hamburg LL3
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